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In need of a gripping story for streaming, broadcast television or video games?
In my little viennese studio I don't just write a script or a concept, direct an episode or produce some content (of course I can do that as well, if that's all you want; no judgement here). But if you're in for more than just views, clicks and ratings, Boodehoo Arthouse is the place that will design an entire new universe for your audience to explore and get lost in. On big screens, touch screens, or with a controller.

2013 | The YPD-Challenge - a game show for young career starters. Sebastians first gig as developer and writer. Broadcasted in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
2014 | Sebastian's first shoot overseas, with NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake. For the pilot of the ORF's new DOKeins series, which he co-developed, co-directed and co-wrote.
2016 | "Die Fantastischen Vier" as the first guests in Red Bull TV's international streaming magazine "Analog in Vienna". Co-developed and written by Sebastian.
2017 | Sebastian's first visit at "Vidcon" with his long time creative partner Tina Hörgl, to further their knowledge about social media and content production.
2023 | SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake is released, written by boodehoo arthouse.

Who is Sebastian Klemm-Lorenz?

Writer. Director. Developer. Boodehoo!

Ever since I can remember, it was stories that helped me make sense of the world around me. Stories in all their plentiful incarnations: books, film, tv shows, video games, music, and those that my grandfather told at bedtime. Because with each, we get another puzzle piece of what it means to be human; from all the joys and beauty of life, down to the horrors and suffering. Stories are where I've been living since my childhood. They are my home! And since I like to expand my living room, I chose a profession where I can build them.

I've worked as developer and writer for the Vienna based production house DMG-Film from 2013 to 2020, where I created multiple films and series for broadcasters and streaming platforms; often writing the scripts as well and sometimes directing. In 2020 I founded Boodehoo Arthouse to continue doing just that, but on my own terms; and the thrill of more bureaucracy.



Prepare for the Adventure

At boodehoo arthouse, every project is build on a foundation of extensive research.


Basic knowledge doesn’t cut it. We want to know it inside out. Even if that means binging hundreds of hours of SpongeBob. 

act I

Seek the Unfamiliar

To create a unique story sometimes requires chaos and friction – the things you come across when you enter the cerebral zone outside the box.


It’s a remarkable place, where we need to rely on each other to not get lost or frustrated.

act II

Embrace the Unforeseeable

When a script or concept enters production, there will be surprises and unforeseeable challenges.  But those can be turned into unexpected opportunities to enrich the final product – if you know your project.

act III

Slay the 20 Percent

We all know the 80/20 rule. For a mediocre product, eighty percent works just fine.  The last twenty percent – to not only get it right, but to make it perfect – are the most vicious, time consuming and intense. At boodehoo we live to slay those twenty percent.


Grow Seeds for Future Adventures

Once a project is done, we take a moment to learn from the experience. What went right, what’s to be improved? What needs to be adapted next time around? Because “the times they are a-changing” and to put it with Sartre: Once you stop changing, you’re kinda dead.