boodehoo Arthouse

The Independent Creative Studio

2011 | With my long time creative partner Tina Hörgl, after winning our first "awards" for TV-AKTIV.
2013 | Gathering first documentary experience with my arthouse mate David Moser.
2016 | Looking over Tina's shoulder, as she headed our development department at DMG-Film.
2020 | Signing my resignation as head of development at DMG-Film to incorporate boodehoo arthouse.
2023 | SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake is released, written by boodehoo arthouse.

What does
do exactly?

generaly speaking

Writing, developing, directing and producing vivid and engaging stories and concepts - for film, video games and television.

work journey

the creative process


Prepare for the Adventure

At boodehoo arthouse, every project is build on a foundation of extensive research.


Basic knowledge doesn’t cut it. We want to know it inside out. Even if that means binging hundreds of hours of SpongeBob. 

act I

Seek the Unfamiliar

To create a unique story sometimes requires chaos and friction – the things you come across when you enter the cerebral zone outside the box.


It’s a remarkable place, where we need to rely on each other to not get lost or frustrated.

act II

Embrace the Unforeseeable

When a script or concept enters production, there will be surprises and unforeseeable challenges.  But those can be turned into unexpected opportunities to enrich the final product – if you know your project.

act III

Slay the 20 Percent

We all know the 80/20 rule. For a mediocre product, eighty percent works just fine.  The last twenty percent – to not only get it right, but to make it perfect – are the most vicious, time consuming and intense. At boodehoo we live to slay those twenty percent.