SpongeBob Squarepants

Shaken. Not stirred.


Organic, from scratch.

Our concepts are valued by networks and production companies alike for their focus, vividness and attention to detail; oh and humor! We are known to make hardboiled executives chuckle.


Clearly our Type.

We create gripping screenplays that make our audience smile, think, cry, laugh, sigh, yell and sporadically even recoil. We like to offer more than passive entertainment, and are not afraid to challenge our audience’s minds. But, like, not in a pretentious way.


It’s Teamwork, really.

From calls and shoots, to the editing suite and beyond: we mold story, characters and theme into a product that is entertaining, with a strong and unique voice. With a work atmosphere that makes everyone involved feel pride in their contribution.

Boode Who?

/bdɛ'huː/ like an owl